5 ready ways to reduce your car insurance prices

Insuring your car will help prevent unexpected financial problems if you are in an accident. With this in mind, the price of car insurance policies is increasing, so what can you do to keep your insurance price low? Let’s find out.


Compare Cars

When you insure your car, it is essential that you know the rates and policies offered by different insurance providers. Insurance is like any other business, and each provider is competing for their business, which means the fees are flexible. Instead of accepting your renewal fee or the first offer made, take the fee to other insurers to see if they can overcome it for the same coverage, additions and voluntary excesses.

Choose your car intelligently

Car insurance policies are based on factors such as the price of the car, the possible cost of repairs and safety functions. Expensive sports car models are more likely to have higher premiums due to their higher repair cost and reputation. Meanwhile, cars in good condition with built-in safety features or even a telematic system (known as black box insurance) will attract discounts.

Maintain a good mScore

Maintain a good mScore

Insurance companies use an insurance score to determine your premiums, considering factors such as your credit usage habits and if you make payments on time (these are shown in your mScore). A high score guarantees a more substantial discount on your insurance rates. 

Lower some coverage

Lower some coverage

There are many types of additions that may increase the cost of your policies, but they may not be essential. These include things like the windshield cover, legal expenses and even the replacement car cover. If your car is old, you can decide to get rid of collision coverage to reduce your expenses.

Search for discounts

There are other ways to reduce your fees, including increasing your voluntary excess (if you are sure you are a safe driver) and paying your insurance electronically, in addition to a lump sum instead of monthly. Some insurers also offer discounts, although you may be asked to meet certain requirements to be eligible. Common discounts include coverage for several vehicles, discounts for combining several other types of insurance (such as home or life insurance) with the same insurer, low mileage discounts and even discounts for women and student drivers.

There are many other ways to save money on your insurance. Consult your colleagues, agents, and even do a little exploration on your own, you will be surprised with what you could save. Remember to only remove coverage that is not essential or effective at the price time.

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